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Your booking is safe during Covid-19 with Tales from Africa Travel

Your booking is safe during Covid-19

Yes, your booking is safe during Covid-19. During the global Covid-19 pandemic all travel shall attract an element of uncertainty since nobody can predict the future (i.e., whether you can travel in a couple of months from now). The global vaccine rollout promises to make travel safe and certain again, but until that is the case, we want you to feel safe to book your tour right now with minimal financial risks.

This is how we envision it to work for you: 

  • We will not take any deposits for any bookings, refundable or otherwise. Although we will not require deposits until such time as the booking can be confirmed, we must, however, advise you that we may have to charge you an interim administration fee of US$ 150 for time spent, sundry expenses incurred, and services rendered. This administration fee is included in your quote and tour costs.
  • We will not charge any penalties for cancellations where travelers are prevented from traveling due to COVID-19 related reason (your own health or governmental/regulatory), regardless of the cancellation period. Our standard Terms & Conditions remain in place for cancellations for any other reason.
  • We will inform you of any place where we can only book a service from a supplier that does not fall in line with the above. We will then suggest an alternative.
  • If there is no alternative, we will only pass forward deposit requirements and stricter cancellation terms where the supplier insists on these, and only if you as our client will accept these, before booking.
  • Full payment is only required 2 weeks before the start of your tour.
  • Any flights you book through us are exempt of the above since the booking- and cancellation terms for flights are determined by the airlines themselves and not by us. We will, however, endeavor to first offer you airlines with the most lenient conditions, before offering you any other airlines. You can then decide which option best suits you.

We believe in honest and open communication about everything, so we ask you to read in our Terms & Conditions how our safe booking guarantee exactly works.

Feel safe while you travel:

  • All our staff is fully vaccinated (with 2 Pfizer vaccinations).
  • We employ vaccinated drivers/guides if you choose a guided tour.
  • Covid-19 numbers and infections per 100,000 inhabitants are in all African countries considerably lower than in Europe or the America’s. Generally speaking, the Covid-19 cases are concentrated in and around the major cities. In small lodges in the game reserves and in rural communities, cases are virtually non-existent. So we don’t hang around and whisk you of to – for instance – a remote game reserve upon arrival. Staying in town, we avoid the busy large hotels. This way, your chances of meeting someone who carries the infection are very low indeed. We can’t guarantee a zero risk, but our itineraries minimise the risks of catching Covid-19.
  • Tales from Africa has received the Safe Travels compliance with Covid-19 industry protocols certificate and we make sure that our partners adhere to minimally the same standards.  
  • We only book places that have the strict Covid-19 regulations / protocols in place and that have a strict vaccination policy for their staff. There are different protocols for lodges, game drive vehicles, other transport, trains, local flights, restaurants, excursions, sight-seeing etc. At Tales from Africa, we check with all we book for you that they actively conform to the regulations and execute them without exceptions. As a result, you might for instance have your meals served in your room and not in the restaurant, or have no buffet-breakfast but a more limited choice served at your table.
  • We book your African PCR-tests when you need them to travel or return home. We use private hospitals and companies, and where possible, you get your test in your hotel or in your lodge. So you only need to worry about the PCR tests you need to travel to Africa.
  • If something happens, health care in private hospitals is excellent. There is currently no lack of ICT beds, oxygen, staff or medication and all first-line medical staff in these hospitals is vaccinated. Your travel insurance will take care of any hospitalization, but our 24/7 emergency service can always assist them when needed.

For 2021, we can do last-minute bookings. For 2022 and even 2023, many places are quickly filling up with postponed bookings. Don’t wait, book now to avoid disappointment. Under the same booking conditions, so also for 2022 and 2023 your booking is safe during Covid-19.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Either by email, WhatsApp on +27 76 404 8864 or by filling out the form on our Contact page.

Which African countries are open for travel?

Now you know that you can safely book without running financial risks, the next questions arise. Where can I go, what are the travel restrictions, can I travel around safely and visit every place I want? That is not so easily answered as it might look, because it can be a puzzle fitting in all the different information. It depends on the regulations in your own country, the airline regulations and the availability of flights and what your travel insurance covers. We have written a very handy e-book how to travel safely, including the above considerations. It also has a list where you can find (per African country) it’s infection numbers, deaths and most importantly, the recovery rates in percentages of the total number of infections. It also lists whether the country is open or closed and any travel restrictions.

This e-book is updated regularly so you always have the latest information at your fingertips. Check our website regularly for the last edition.

All the numbers in the e-book come from the official Johns Hopkins Medical University Covid-19 dashboard.