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You Believe in Ecotourism

You want your children to live their African Dream too. You believe in Ecotourism. Responsible providers, Zero Carbon Travel and respect for wildlife are standard!

You Believe

We are not the owners of our planet; we are its keepers. Our believe is that we are responsible for making sure that our children, yes, our grandchildren ten times removed can live their African Dream and can experience what we see today.

We have an obligation to not just take care, but to restore our planet – both for us and for future generations. With true commitment and not just words. You, like us, want to walk the talk!

How? You travel with us through the most beautiful nature you can find anywhere in the world.

We treat this nature with the greatest care. Wherever possible, we use reserves, accommodation and providers that work to minimize their greenhouse gas emissions.

Think solar power, sourcing food locally (so less transport needed), recycling etc.

Zero Carbon Travel

We reduce your carbon footprint where we can, and what we can’t reduce, we compensate. As a result, you’ll enjoy complete Zero Carbon travel.

All flights, transport, overnights, excursions, meals, whatever you book through us gets compensated on projects within Southern Africa and where possible in the country where you go for your holiday. This way the compensation is happening where you actually travel. 


We use the greenhouse gas travel calculator of Toitu Envirocare, a free calculator that is endorsed by New Zealand government. We use a free calculator so you can fill it out yourself and check whether our calculations are correct. However, because you’ll travel in an environment with often older facilities, we multiply the outcome by 1.5 to compensate for that. This total is the tons of greenhouse gas emissions we will offset.


We use certified forestation projects for our offsetting. There are lots of technical offsetting projects, but we believe in the shortest road possible towards offsetting, which is planting trees. Also, we want you to be able to see with your own eyes where your holiday is being offset. So we use the independent Trees for Tourism program of the South African Reforestation Trust.

Why do we choose forestation?

  • Forests produce clean air, pure water, rich soil
  • Forests store carbon
  • Forests prevent erosion
  • Forests create food and shelter for wildlife
  • Forests create a sanctuary for man
  • Forests are part of our tourism capital


As proof, you get an official certificate of your Zero Carbon Travel with the date and amount of your greenhouse gas offsetting. This certificate is from Trees for Tourism, so you know we are walking the talk and that your offsetting is done correctly. Your certificate will look like this.

Tales from Africa Travel partner of Trees for Tourism

Respect for wildlife

Because both us and you believe in Ecotourism, we do not visit game farms of places where there is any physical animal interaction – so, no elephant riding and absolutely no lion or cheetah petting.

These places raise animals for ‘canned hunting’ – there are no records in Southern Africa of any great cat being rehabilitated to live in the wild.

To cement our commitment, we signed the Blood Lions Pledge, as well as the SATSA animal interaction charter.

Because nothing can beat meeting the animals in the wild, on their terms!

Want to learn what we stand for? Download our full Sustainability Policy!

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