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You want to deal with Real People

You are tired of dealing with chatbots. Being just another number. Slotting into just another tour. You want to deal with real people, with a person that is there for your full journey. You want to deal with real people that give you honest information. You want to deal with real people that don’t add surcharges, reservation fees or any other hidden costs to your bill.

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Meet Real People

We believe in personal contact and service. In calling, chatting, emailing, being there for you as a person and not as a chatbot or machine. Because you want to deal with real people.

Come and meet us! We are not superhuman, but we are good at what we do: make your tour carefree.

In Africa getting everything organized is often difficult and being able to improvise is a must. We know how and where. We have a 24-hour emergency service. We will take care of you before, during and after the tour. The only thing you need to do is relax and enjoy your dream coming true!

With Tales from Africa Travel, you book directly with the same people that execute your tour. Your personal consultant will be with you all through your journey: from first contact until you return you will only deal with one person, no being handed over to another department, no putting on hold for someone else. Because you want to deal with Real People, a real person.

Honest information

We, like you, are passionate about travelling. Honest information is what you want, what you need to make your choices. With us, all information is straight from the horses’ mouth. You want to know what you get. Which is why we aim to give you honest and clear-cut information.

If a road is in bad condition, we will tell you so. Lodges and guesthouses are described as they are, not as we wish them to be. If an overnight is basic, we tell you so and why we propose it.

No hidden costs

We’ll also tell you exactly what is included and what’s not. Without hidden surcharges! We hate those.

So, no booking costs, administrative fees, commissions to third parties or any other surcharges. You only pay the amount we agreed upon. Just so you know you deal with Real People.

Read more about this in our Privacy Statement and in our Booking Terms and Conditions.

You want to meet Real People in person?

Henko Wentholt

Henko is a well-balanced combination of slight eccentricity, passion and a practical, targeted way of handling things.

Born in the Philippines and with a childhood in Ecuador, travelling is something Henko literally grew up with.

Henko spent over 10 years as a tour guide all over Africa. He then worked as a product manager in the office of the same travel company. Afterwards, he became their Brand manager before moving as General manager to a company focused on sustainable tourism in South Africa.

Both jobs enabled him to combine passion, well-thought-out, sustainable company strategies and commercial results.

Now he has exchanged his old job for his passion: sharing the beauty that is Africa. And making sure that beauty will be there in the future.

Tales from Africa Travel Henko Wentholt meet our staff

Berna van Rooijen

Berna, born in the Netherlands, has a background in health and social-care and management.

Over twenty years ago she fell in love with southern Africa and that feeling never changed, it only strengthened. She travelled the continent on her own and later on she got the opportunity to share the beauty with others when she became a tour leader for all kind of tours running between Nairobi and Cape Town. It was only natural for her to move to South Africa and work and live in beautiful Cape Town.

Having worked in reservations and as Customer Relations Manager, she used her communication skills to get to know clients and develop their travels customized to their wishes and dreams. Since sustainability on all fronts is very dear to her heart, she incorporates this in the proposals and the marketing of Tales from Africa Travel as well.

Berna is now responsible for the Sales and Marketing of Tales from Africa Travel.

Tales from Africa Travel Berna van Rooijen meet our staff