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You are passionate about travel

You are Passionate about Travel

Travel is a life-affirming experience for you. You want to have fun, be fair and to make a difference. Yes, you are really passionate about travel. So, you want to

Pursue your passion

You are a traveller and know what makes travelling so much fun.

As such, you choose the scenic roads, not the main roads. You travel to add value to your life. And you want to see the most beautiful places, the hidden gems and the highlights.

Maybe spend three nights living with a local family as a family member, not a tourist.

Sleep in a lodge that is owned by the local community and provides jobs, income and empowerment and pride for all living there.

Do a safari where you are actively involved in wildlife protection like tracking Rhinos to ensure their safety, emptying photo traps that show the elusive Cape Leopard and learning about the ecosystem of the Fynbos.

At Tales from Africa, we will make sure you’ll leave more than footprints and that you will make a difference.  

Find your Experience

You want to Meet our Locals

At Tales from Africa Travel, we know you want to meet our locals. To be a guest in their unique communities. No cultural villages but

You Cherish Off the Beaten Track

Your dream is filled with images of unfrequented, quiet, remote, secluded, and hidden places. Luxurious or roughing it.

You Choose to Travel Consciously

Truly responsible tourism is more than ecotourism: immerse yourself in local cultures and make sure that the local people profit.

You Crave 4×4 Camper Tours

Experience the wild bush in your 4×4 home on wheels. Go where others can’t go. Relish in the full-service or self-drive option. Explore

You want the Romance of Rail

You are fascinated by the old-world charm of a Rail experience. Go on safari from the train, relive the glory days of railroad travel and have

Your Boots are Made for Walking

You love the exhilaration of walking. Rambling through stunning mountain ranges or go on an exciting walking safari with an armed guide.

You are Crazy about Cycling

Your heart beats to the rhythm of your wheels. Any ride you fancy from wild mountain bike adventures to luxury gourmet road cycling tours.

The Freedom of the Open Road

You are an avid motorbike rider and are looking for the ride of your life. Combine Safari with the greatest rides in Africa, on gravel or on tar.

You Long to be Pampered

You work hard and believe in the harmony of mind, body and soul. You dream of submerging body and soul in the wonder of Wellness