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You Choose to Travel Consciously

Truly Responsible Tourism is more than ecotourism: you want to immerse yourself in local cultures and make sure that the local people profit. You choose to travel consciously.

I want to have an impact

You’re not looking for just another holiday, you want to have a positive impact on your destination.

Where we can, we use locally owned accommodation that works on a sustainable base and if possible are Fair Trade Tourism or similarly certified.

That’s just the start. You want to go eco, not because you must, but because you’ll see, learn and experience much more about wildlife than on any ‘normal’ safari.

Stay in a conservation camp in Madikwe National Park or Gondwana Game Reserve and learn about wildlife on foot on a walking safari in Kruger, Botswana’s Okavango Delta or Kenya’s Great Rift Valley.

Or go hands-on in shark conservation and help the local fishermen realize their potential gain from protecting these around Hermanus.

More than ecotourism

Truly responsible tourism is more than ecotourism. African culture is rich beyond compare. South Africa alone has over 20 ethnic groups and 11 official languages, Namibia boasts bushmen, Herero, Himba and more, and Botswana has its desert bushmen. And in Kenya, the Masai tribe is the most famous, but it’s just one of its many tribes.

Wherever you go, we don’t take you on an excursion. We take you beyond the obligatory dance and safely immerse you in the local culture.

You become guests of the families where you stay. Together we’ll make sure the local people profit, mostly women.

We’ll open up new sources of income and help people develop themselves.

But our community experiences go much further than that. You’ll realize that gogo (grandmother) will not fuss over you because you pay for lodging, but because you are truly a guest in her house.

Because she’s proud to share her life with you.

That is what the community experience is about.

This is experiential travel at its best. Here are some ideas to inspire you. Nothing is set in stone, all can be combined, adjusted, changed to make your own bespoke holiday!