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Meet our Locals

At Tales from Africa Travel, we know you want to meet our locals and be a guest in their unique community experiences. No cultural villages but

meet real people with soul

South Africa is truly the rainbow nation. But did you know that countries like Namibia, Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania can claim this too? The diversity of cultures and ethnic groups enriches the society in all African countries. There are literally millions of exciting stories out there, beautiful and intriguing Tales from Africa to be told – told to you.

In South Africa, discover dozens of ethnic groups of all colors and religions, speaking one of the 11 official languages.

Namibia has its Himba, Herero and shares with Botswana the Kalahari Desert Bushmen.

Kenya has many tribes of which the Samburu, Turkana, Pokot and of course the Masai are the most famous.

eSwatini has its Swazi traditions and in Lesotho wearing a blanket is more than protection against the cold: each blanket tells a story about its wearer and the family history.

Fall in love with community experiences

But travelling is not about facts, it is about making memories. About falling in love with your destination, its people, their laughter, their smiles, their daily life and their special sense of humor.

Not by seeing a staged dance in a cultural village, but by living with them. Stay a day, or better, stay a couple of nights in one of our unique and truly immersive community experiences!

Here you won’t be a tourist that’s looking around, but a true member of your host family.

You’ll stay in their houses and eat their food together with Grandma and the kids.

You’ll laugh and you’ll cry when sharing your stories. You’ll learn about the culture and lifestyle of another world and discover that humanity is universal.

Heritage and income

Last but definitely not least, you’ll help the locals to be proud of their heritage and to earn an income by being who they are: women and men of Africa, not a touristic attraction.

So, be unique and immerse yourself in the Venda culture of Limpopo, in the life of a mission post in the Western Cape or the intricacies of the Zulu nation. Discover the hunting and gathering way of life of the Bushmen of the Kalahari in Namibia and Botswana. Or learn about the way of the Masai warrior in Ngwesi in Kenya.

What are you waiting for? Come and meet our locals and be a guest in their unique community experiences!

Enjoy experiential travel at its best. Here are some ideas to inspire you. Nothing is set in stone, all can be combined, adjusted, changed to make your own bespoke holiday!