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We and you and the world

The planet: we

Of course our tours have a large impact on the environment. Whichever way you travel around you will emit CO2- and other greenhouse gases. The same is true for the hotels you are sleeping in. Since we can’t prevent these emissions we compensate them – for 100%. The compensation of every kilometre or mile and every overnight is included in the prices. And naturally we choose projects in southern Africa to do so! We will regularly keep you updated about this scheme through our blogs, newsletters and on social media.

You travel with us through the most beautiful nature you can find anywhere on the world. We treat this nature with care. In some lodges a campfire is part of the real African experience – but we ask them to use sustainable sourced wood. And we do not visit game farms where the animals are being raised for ‘canned hunting’.

The planet: you

Which begs the question: what can you do? A lot. Some ideas: you can for instance compensate the greenhouse emission of your flight. But during the tour you can also do a lot. Don’t buy souvenirs made from endangered animals or plants (you can find the most recent Cites list on the WNF website). www.wnf.org Leave wild animals alone, give them their space and don’t aggravate them, either in a vehicle or on foot. Don’t feed any wild birds or animals, especially monkeys! As cute as some monkeys may look, in reality they are being turned into food thieves this way. Don’t litter. If you are a smoker, take care not to start a fire and bring your own travel ashtray for you cigarette butts. And don’t buy small water bottles; you throw away a relatively large amount of plastic. Rather buy one big one and refill smaller bottles from that. Do you have more suggestions? Let us know!

The people: we

Most people limit sustainability to ‘green’ and the planet. But everything we and you do is part of sustainability. Including the local people. They are the owners and caretakers of their land, their country. At Live2Roam-Africa we consider ourselves guests making a visit, so we and our crew treat everyone with the respect they deserve. We adhere to all human rights and human values and demand the same of our providers. And we are strictly opposed to child sex tourism. We want to be considered as welcome guests!

The people: you

This is another area where you can have an impact. Behave as a guest and treat everyone you meet the same way you’d like to be treated. Online and/or in travel guides you can (even before your departure) find a wealth of fascinating facts about the lifestyles of the different people of southern Africa. You can also find some pointers about the people in our chapter Culture Shock. < https://live2roam-africa.com/country-info/culture-shock/>

Once you have arrived there is a great way to make friends: ask permission before you take a picture of somebody. Then don’t walk away, but show it to him or her. Before you know you will be deep in a memorable conversation. And you really make someone happy if you send them these pictures after your return home. Because the best experience you can get is a grin from ear to ear!

The profit: we

The third leg of sustainability, profit, concerns the local economy. As big a part as possible of your money should end up locally. To achieve this we choose accommodations that are locally owned and not part of a large foreign chain – wherever possible. When choosing we don’t care whether the owners are black or white. For local excursions and services we select operators that don’t only care for their profit, but also care for their own staff and the environment. This way your excursions are not just fantastic, they are also good for the local economy. Finally in most of our ‘Meet the South Africans’ modules the activities are benefitting the local communities, either direct or indirect.

The profit: you

To state the obvious: spend your money as much as possible locally. Sweets can be bought on tour, so you don’t need to take them from home. Negotiating souvenir prices is common practice, but you don’t need to take it to the limit.

Don’t give ballpoints, sweets or money to begging children! By doing this you stimulate them begging during daytime instead of going to school. If you feel you want to give something, give to a school or a project. And finally, if you book an excursion yourself, don’t take just the costs in consideration. Also check the way the operator runs his/her business. It will make both your lives better!