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Useful links for travelling in Africa. Both for health- and safety information and to interesting travel information.

Useful links for travelling in Africa

On this page you will find useful links for travelling in Africa. Some of these are related to our own tours, whether it concerns official travel advice from different governments, health- and safety information or you want to check the Carbon emission calculations yourself.

Other useful links lead to sites we found interesting for travellers to other countries.

If you have/know a site you want to include here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. And yes, we would appreciate any links on other sites to ours as well!

Country information

Some of the most useful links for travelling in Africa are the official tourist boards. They have information about the sights in their country, but also practical information about visa and border regulations, climate, voltage etc. Some are better than others, but it always pays to follow these useful links for travelling in Africa:


Getting the correct information about health and other related issues can be tricky. There are many self-appointed social media experts out there that will tell you how dangerous Africa is and with which terrible diseases you will return home. Truth is, Africa is the final frontier and not always easy to travel in. But with the correct information and preparation and with an excellent local agency that knows the rules and the places, you don’t run an excessive risk. We know for instance that you need to have flying doctors insurance in most countries – just so you can get quickly to the real good central hospitals in case of emergency. We are not doctors however, so here are some useful links for travelling in Africa with medical information:

Travel advisories

Travel advisories are one persons’s bible and another person’s bane. The information given varies enormously from country to country, they are often not updated and are often compiled by staff living in another country. It can be extremely difficult to find what the local situation is in reality. Still, it is good practice to read up on them since they can not only impact your decision where to go, but your travel insurance as well. Some useful links for travelling in Africa that cover travel advisories are:

Other useful links for travelling in Africa

Last but not least, there are some other links that cover practicalities, give fun-information or are generally interesting. One of these leads to the Carbon Calculator that we use to calculate the greenhouse-gas emissions that we need to compensate to make your tour Carbon-Zero.

Add your useful link for travelling in Africa

Are you missing a link or do you have suggestions? Let us know and we will add it!