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Tales from Africa

You want to know about Africa, it’s history, the folklore, the interesting facts. You want to understand this fascinating continent. This page is dedicated to stories and blogs that give you an insight into the legends. Read our tales from Africa. Tales that tell you facts about wildlife you didn’t know. And that take you into the mind of the people that call Africa home.

Stories from the wild

Africa has 54 official countries and thousands of ethnic groups. They number in total over 1.3 billion people. Some of these are westernized, but most live in very recognizable tribal or cultural settings. Imagine the stories they have to tell! Stories about their daily life, about their history. And legends about the past. In our blogs we touch upon these magical tales from Africa. We will regularly share with you our wonderful legends about our past and present, and about the wildlife that is still so abundant.

Facts from the wild

Do you want practical tips and information or learn about the life of an ostrich? We have our e-books to cover some typical topics, for instance how a safari works, practical tips for self-driving or which countries have opened up again during the Covid-pandemic. However, there are lots of interesting fun-facts about the people and the wildlife of Africa. Did you know there are penguins living in South Africa or that each zebra has different stripes on his butt? Read our tales from Africa. Some of these tales from Africa are blogs about these facts from the wild.

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Where fairies dance and dragons sleep

The Namib Desert harbors one of the world’s greatest mysteries: thousands of mysterious circles where fairies dance and dragons sleep.Read More →

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Read our other Tales from Africa

The Lion’s Whisker The Lion’s whisker is a delightful Tale from Africa. Once upon a time, there lived a young husband and wife in a small village in Africa. For some time now, the husband had not been happy with his marriage. He began to come home late from working in the fields. His wife thought he was the most wonderful man. But she was unhappy, too. His behaviour was making her miserable. Finally, she went to the oldest man in her village, the village elder. The elder was sad to hear her marriage was not a happy one. He had married them only twoRead More →
The Tortoise and the Lizard The Tortoise and the Lizard is one of those wonderful tales coming out of Africa. Once upon a time, there was a famine in the land of the animals. One day, the lizard was passing by a farm when he saw the farmer approach a rock. The lizard hid and watched as the farmer rolled the rock away to reveal the entrance into a cave. The farmer went inside and came out a few minutes later with a handful of yams and rolled the rock back into its place. The lizard waited for the farmer to leave then he tooRead More →
The vulture and the tortoise Do you know the reason why the tortoise’s shell is cracked? In the beginning of time the vulture and the tortoise were best friends and would meet up regularly for a beer and braai. Because the vulture could fly, he was always visiting the tortoise at his home. After a while it upset the tortoise that he was so slow and therefore unable to travel to his friend’s house. He was concerned that he might lose his friendship with the vulture because he never went to visit him at his house. What could he do to avoid his friend gettingRead More →
The most sexy language in the world. South Africans were devastated when the South African English lost its place as “the most the most sexy English language in the world” to New Zealand. We’re sure this was by accident though, as nothing beats a South African talking English. Why? Well, it’s not just the way it’s said, it is what is said too. Here are some examples of what makes South African English, well, South African English! So, you’re a South African when: You call a bathing suit a “swimming costume” or a “cozzie”. You call a traffic light a “robot”. You call a sandwichRead More →
Hidden in the mountains in the far north of South Africa lies one of Africa’s most sacred sites: Lake Fundudzi. The sacred lake of the white python. This is a place where magic is alive, where myths, legends and day-to-day reality seamlessly intertwine. Read More →
When you think of animals, you’ll likely think The Big Five. But we’ll bet you have not thought of penguins in Africa?Read More →
The Namib Desert harbors one of the world’s greatest mysteries: thousands of mysterious circles where fairies dance and dragons sleep.Read More →