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Our Unique Tours and Experiences

Here are some ideas to inspire you to get lost with us: our unique tours and experiences. We have arranged them by the experience you’ll have.

Several tours have multiple mentions, these tours offer an exciting mix of experiences for you to enjoy and fall into several categories at the same time. This way you can have the best combination of the different experiences you’d love to have.

Use our unique tours and experiences as a source of inspiration for your holiday. Tell us what you like and what you don’t like in a particular tour that speaks to you. Or let us know in general what experiences you would like to have. Based on what you tell us we’ll make a bespoke, unique tour for you. We’ll keep adjusting the itinerary, accommodations and way of travel until you have YOUR perfect holiday. Your experience of a lifetime.

This is experiential travel at its best. Nothing is set in stone, all can be combined, adjusted, changed to make your own bespoke holiday!

Scroll down to see the tours that encompass a particular experience. At the bottom you’ll find a short guide how to find and book your own tailor made experience.

On everything we do for you, our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Statement are fully applicable.

You want to Meet our Locals

You Cherish Off the Beaten Track

You Choose to Travel Consciously

You Crave 4 x4 Camper Tours

You Want the Romance of Rail

Your Boots are Made for Walking

You are Crazy about Cycling

The Freedom of the Open Road – Motorbike Tours

You Long to be Pampered – Wellness Tours

Our Unique Tours and Experiences

How Our Unique Tours and Experiences work

Step one: Dream your dream
  • Read what we stand for in You and Tales from Africa.
  • Tales from Africa Experiences shows what you can experience.
  • Use the Example tours to get further inspired and to see what your dream tour could practically look like.
  • Remember: the tours are not fixed.
  • You can adjust and add to make your perfect holiday.
Step two: Turn your dream into reality and contact us
  • Fill out our booking form
  • Or call us
  • Or e-mail us
  • You always get a quick first reply.
  • From your own dedicated personal consultant.
  • He/she remains your contact in all stages.
  • He/she will call or email you to discuss your request.
Step three: Making your dream come true
  • After step two, within one working day you get our first proposal by mail.
  • This has lots of information of what you’ll experience.
  • Let us know what you like and what not.
  • We’ll keep changing it till you are completely satisfied.
Step four: Book your experience
  • Once you are satisfied, you accept our quote.
  • We send you our booking form. Fill out and return them.
  • We’ll confirm and send the invoice for the tour.
  • Pay the deposit to definitely confirm the booking.
  • We confirm all the bookings and reservations from our side.
  • And do all necessary to ensure your holiday is problem-free.
Step five: Live your dream
  • A month before departure, you get all travel documents.
  • Before your arrival we double-check all bookings.
  • Your personal consultant will be in touch with you when you arrive and during the tour to make sure all goes well.
  • If anything goes wrong, contact us immediately (24/7 emergency service).
  • We’ll drop whatever we are doing to work on your problem.
Step six: After your holiday is over
  • Your personal consultant will contact you for feedback.
  • We want to learn how it was and what we can improve for next time.
  • If you have any complaints, we’ll handle them fair and square.
  • If you like, share your photos and movies, your posts, your experiences. So we can share it with others.

Any questions? Read our FAQ’s or contact us.