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Slow travel & craft beer tour 

(for him ánd her!)

3-nights city break in South Africa’s Western Cape

During the slow travel & craft beer tour you’ll discover the other side of South Africa’s winelands. It’s not all wine that is available. The Western Cape is much more than that! Culture, heritage, nature, mystery, excellent food, fine dining, cycling, unique bespoke experiences and many craft beer breweries.

Staying in Stellenbosch, the second oldest settlement in the province, after Cape Town, you will explore this town in a unique and captivating way. History, walking, and cycling but of course also eating and beer tasting are the experiences waiting for you.

From Stellenbosch we take you out to the West Coast and Darling for more intriguing, special and mind-blowing experiences.     

“It’s great to be part of a thriving beer-loving community. “– a beer lover

Highlights of the slow travel & craft beer tour

  • Slow travel city break
  • For him ánd for her
  • 3 nights in Stellenbosch
  • Visit an 18th century historical building at the heart of Stellenbosch’s vibrant cultural district, home to a collective of diverse merchants, each passionate about their craft.
  • Discover the craft beers on a working farm in Stellenbosch
  • Learn about sustainable beermaking processes
  • Get a bike from the Stellenbosch Trail fund and explore the Eerste River trail
  • Walking tour where culture and food connect
  • Get an insider’s perspective on the outdoor art exhibition
  • Indulge in a sensory gin experience which includes a visit to the University Botanical Gardens
  • Sip a liquid ‘dessert’ at an innovative coffee laboratory
  • Enjoy local seasonal ingredients
  • Experience and learn more about the San culture and heritage
  • Visit Darling with a collection of some of the West Coasts finest art, landscapes, wine, beer, food and activities.
  • Have desert at Evita’s Perron, redesigned by Bertus Basson for tv
  • Discover that the more you know, the less you need

The slow travel & craft beer tour in detail

A first discovery of Stellenbosch with a lunch of delectable specialty meats, crepes, baked goods, craft beer, coffee, fresh Saldanha Bay oysters. Situated at a cherished 18th century historical building at the heart Stellenbosch’s vibrant cultural district, it gives home to a collective of diverse merchants, each passionate about their craft.

Visit a brewery on a working farm and learn all about the beer making processes which are still done by hand here.

Beer and bicycles

Explore one of the cycle trails around Stellenbosch. Rental of the bikes is done by a fund that contributes to the local community.

Uncover more intriguing stories of Stellenbosch during a guided tour and connect with talented food artisans and artists/ crafters and get an insider’s perspective on the outdoor art exhibition in Stellenbosch. But most of all, indulge in the amazing food Stellenbosch and the region has to offer by making sweet and savory tasting stops. Samples of Stellenbosch craft beers is of course also on the menu!

Khoisan heritage

Transfer from the accommodation to !Khwa ttu San Culture & Education Centre . This offers you a unique opportunity to experience and learn more about the San culture and heritage. Take a through a guided tour, a cultural display and even a language session with qualified San guides. They tell you all about how they are hunter gatherers and know all about the land, the plants, the animals and the elements. They not only understood how to live but how to live well. A people that thrived!

Our Darling: a carbon neutral brewery

Continue to the picturesque town of Darling that transformed from an 18th century farming community into the Darling we are familiar with today: a town hosting some of the West Coasts finest festivals, performances, art, landscapes, wine, beer, food and activities.

You won’t get hungry in Darling and you won’t go thirsty. Sit back, raise your glass and enjoy everything this quaint town has to offer.

Of course, a visit to a brewery cannot be forgotten. Slow beer, sustainable beer and enjoying tastings and platters at South Africa’s only carbon neutral beer brewery! Learn all there is to know how they do this. 

Evita’s Perron

Make another stop in Darling for a treat for those with a sweet tooth.

You can’t miss the Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout Museum – dedicated to this lady who had such an influence on Apartheid-politics through her angle of humoristic criticism. It is part of Evita’s Perron, founded by Tannie Evita and recently featured on the tv show ‘In die Sop’. In one episode famous chef Bertus Basson redesigned the restaurant and the menu. You’re in for treat!

This 3-day tour gives you many things to talk about. Because of its close proximity to Cape Town, is a perfect relaxing break away from the city or as an add on to a further travel itinerary. You won’t regret it!

Map of the tour


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