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Privacy & disclaimer


This website and its contents  are owned by Live2Roam-Africa, which is where you also book your tour. All information, services and contents are subject to South African jurisdiction. When booking a tour you agree to this without reservations.

Live2Roam-Africa has compiled and published all information on this website to the best of its ability and knowledge. However a tour through southern Africa is definitely not the same as a tour in Europe or the USA. Unforeseen circumstances or situations are quite common. Before or during the tour these may result in an adjustment of the itinerary, overnight stops and/or another part of the tour. For all information published on this website we can accept no further responsibility or liability than is stipulated in the booking conditions. Or in normal English: we will work our ass off to ensure you get exactly what we promise on this website, but we can’t control all aspects of a tour and may have to change something during your holiday. 

In addition to the above Live2Roam-Africa is not responsible for the correctness of information obtained from external sources. This includes visa information, health, travel documents and other practical information. We try very hard to give you the correct information, but are in no way responsible nor liable whether this information is correct or complete nor changed from what is published on the website. The same is true for all information obtained through links to external websites, even if these links are published on the Live2Roam-Africa website.


We guarantee the privacy of all information we obtain from you. All personal information you send us, either through the website or by e-mail, will only be used by Live2Roam-Africa to execute the tour in the best possible way. We do not give and/or sell this information to other parties for any other purpose then the above.


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You can find more information about cookies on the excellent EU site http://www.youronlinechoices.eu/.