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Our philosophy

All travel organisations and tour operators promise the same: an unforgettable holiday, the best safari, the most memorable experience in a magnificent country: South-Africa. And we promise that as well! So why choose for Live2Roam-Africa?

Well, we are proud of our home, southern Africa. We don’t just want to show you our home, but make it the place where you have the best holiday of your life. And yes, we make our living that way. But – there is a subtle but huge difference between making money with selling tours, and having the best tour possible and making money with that. That difference is what Live2Roam-Africa is all about. We do things different. Better. Because we want to hear what YOU want. We are proud of our slogan: build YOUR African dream.

But don’t just believe what we tell you. Check our Facebook, twitter and google+ pages or our testimonials to see what others say about us. Check how we handle this and then make up your own mind about us. Are you ready for your African Dream holiday to come true?

You build your own dream

The realization of your dreams is about what you experience during your holiday, about the memories you take home. We are not selling you OUR products, but aim to facilitate YOUR African dream coming true. So you pick and choose modules based on what you want to experience. Once you are satisfied with what you have, you send these to us. Then we use our expertise to make it reality. We look if it will work – and if not, get back to you with alternative proposals. We add car hire and/or domestic flights where you want them and send the itinerary back for you to see if it is what YOU want. If so, then, and only then, you decide to book. To make your dream a reality.

For a different experience

Do you have the feeling everyone is offering the same? That all tours are clones of each other? We do. And we don’t like that. We want to offer you the experience of a lifetime, not a weak copy of that. So in most of our modules you will find something weird, something wacky, something off the beaten track. Without forgetting to show you the highlights. Whether it is staying in a private game reserve where you do a walking safari, going on a mountain bike tour or canoeing where others drive by, we offer you something different.  Something for the road less traveled. Something for you.

Modules make it affordable

Tailor-made tours, made-to-measure holidays: whatever name you give it, they are expensive – because you pay for the time spend to make each individual tour. And a package tour is cheap, but offers always the same middle of the road experience, not the realization of your African dream. This is where we come in. With our system of building blocks or modules we offer you the best of both worlds. With our modules you can choose, build, adapt and discard what you want and this way build your holiday exactly as you want it, customize it as you want it. But, since we have these modules ready, we don’t need to spend an extraordinary amount of time negotiating rates on one person. “Time is money”: as a result our prices stay very competitive. No, not low-budget, competitive.

We offer you an experience, not a hotel

We believe that what you see, what you hear, what you touch and what you smell is what makes your South Africa holiday a dream come true – not how your hotel looks. In other words, we are not a hotel booking site but a site where you choose your own experience. Where you sleep can add to your experience, but it is not the base nor the end-all. Having said that, we do make sure that you get a comfortable, small scale hotel and are very critical in what we offer you. Where possible with a swimming pool and Wi-Fi. So that even your overnight will add to your daytime experience.

By travelers, for travelers

We are travelers ourselves and know what makes traveling so much fun. We choose the scenic roads, not the main roads. We know how to make the best itineraries and how to incorporate those special spots most tourists miss. Our modules have an extra twist you won’t find with most others. We realize your overnights are also part of your holiday fun. You don’t get any old hotel, but a memorable experience that adds value to your holiday. Usually with a swimming pool, Wi-Fi and a bar. So you can have a cold beer when you arrive without having to worry about driving afterwards. Or you can upgrade to a luxury accommodation where you will be pampered to perfection.

Honest information

You spend a lot of money to make a tour with Live2Roam-Africa. So naturally you want to know what you get. Which is why we aim to give you honest and clear-cut information. If a road is in bad condition we will tell you so. Hotels are described as they are, not as we wish them to be. If an overnight is basic we tell you so. We also tell you exactly what is included and what not. Without hidden surcharges! We hate those. So no booking costs, administrative fees or surcharges. You only pay the amount published at the time of your  booking.

No intermediaries

With Live2Roam-Africa you book directly with the same people that execute your tour – we are a joint-venture with a well-established, large tour operator. So all information is straight from the horses’ mouth. This also means you don’t pay for commission to intermediaries or travel agencies, but that your money goes directly towards your own holiday. Which you will notice on tour in the quality of our care and what you get for your money. This way you profit from your direct booking!

Good in what we do

A good organization has an excellent staff. No, we are not superhuman, but we are good in what we do: make your tour carefree. In Africa getting everything organized is often difficult. Next it ís Africa, so the unexpected will happen and being able to improvise is a must. We know how and where. We have a 24 hour emergency service. We will take care of you before, during and after the tour. The only thing you need to do is relax and enjoy your dream coming true!

Sustainable tourism is included

A great traveler once said: “leave nothing but footprints”. We agree, but also look to the future: we want to make sure that not only you, but your children can live their African Dream too. We believe in our commitment to make our tours as sustainable as we can. We  reduce your footprint where we can and compensate where we can’t. Reduction is one of our selection criteria for the accommodations we offer. Compensation of your CO2 and other greenhouse gasses emissions is included in our prices. For 100%, so both for mileage and for overnights.

Living in a mobile world

We believe in innovation. We think you want to share your African dream with family and friends. So our innovative website has been specifically developed to be used on a tablet. Because anticipation is much more fun sitting relaxed on your couch with family or friends than sitting alone behind your desk. But yes, our website works nicely on your pc. And on your smart phone.

We also believe in social media: we don’t want to talk to you, but with you. Want to know your opinion. And are not afraid of criticism: we want to know that too. Because it enables us to keep on improving our tours.