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Marine Experiences inspired by ‘My Octopus Teacher’ 

3-nights City Break in Cape Town

Marine Experiences inspired by ‘My Octopus Teacher’: this exclusive City Break is inspired by the Oscar winning documentary ‘My Octopus Teacher’. Now it is your chance to snorkel in these same waving Kelp forests of False Bay, Simonstown, just outside Cape Town.

Three more Marine Experiences inspired by ‘My Octopus Teacher’

This is just one of the four stunning Marine Experiences you’ll enjoy. Dine by the Sea in the famous Chef’s Warehouse, Kayak between the penguins and walk along renowned Boulders Beach where they nest. To round if off, you’ll sleep in two luxury hotels at the edge of the Ocean. Transfers are optional, so why not do them in a unique way – by side car?

“That’s when you see the subtle differences. That’s when you get to know the wild.” – Craig Foster, documentary maker

Highlights of the Marine Experiences inspired by ‘My Octopus Teacher’ city break

  • Slow travel City Break
  • Dine by the sea: guaranteed table in Chef’s Warehouse Tintswalo Atlantic
  • Sea Kayaking between seals and penguins
  • Snorkel in the Kelp forest where ‘My Octopus Teacher’ was shot
  • Walk along Boulders Beach, penguin nesting site
  • One night in Hout Bay, two nights in Simonstown
  • Enjoy a spectacular Ocean sunset from your luxurious room in Hout Bay
  • Transfer over stunning Chapman’s Peak by side car (optional)
  • Look out over False Bay from your veranda in Simonstown
  • Make a short walk from your sumptuous room to the Penguin beaches
  • Time to explore vibrant Simonstown
  • Visit the Toy museum, Naval museum and ‘Just Nuisance’ memorial
  • Flexible itinerary, add or take away nights

The city break in detail

The beauty of the bay

Upon arrival at Tintswalo Atlantic you check into your room. Each room is a beautiful, individual design around the soul of some of the worlds’ most famous islands.  If you want, we can arrange for a transfer from the airport or town to Tintswalo Atlantic. 

Perched above a pebbled beach at the foot of Chapman’s Peak, and overlooking the Cape’s iconic Sentinel mountain, Tintswalo Atlantic sits sheltered by the Table Mountain National Park. As the only hotel permitted to operate within the boundaries of the word-renowned Heritage site, the lodge enjoys the very best of magnificent, panoramic ocean views, as well as access to the natural beauty found along the mountainside’s winding hiking trails.

Tintswalo is built in such a way that the impact on the environment is minimized. The whole lodge is built on stilts above the original rocks of the Hout Bay beach, so that if ever it is broken down, the original beach still exists. The use of water, energy and how the whole lodge is run is also done in a sustainable way. 

Along the water: a table at Chef’s Warehouse

Your first Marine Experience is dinner at the edge of the Ocean. The restaurant is situated on a deck along the shore of the Hout Bay, with awesome sunsets and views over the bay to the village. 

Here you are guaranteed a table in a favourite foodies’ delight: Chef’s Warehouse. Chef’s Warehouse is about experiencing food like you’ve never experienced it before. In short, it’s about the sheer pleasure of taste. By pairing flavors in unexpected and exciting ways, an infinite number of fresh taste sensations is created for you to enjoy. 

Waiting lists for a table can be weeks, if not months in advance. However, when you book this exclusive City Break with us, you will have a table reserved for you in Chef’s Warehouse in Tintswalo Atlantic. Or you can even order meals from Chef’s Warehouse as room service. 

Riding a side car over stunning Chapman’s Peak?

After a leisurely breakfast you go to your next destination: a wonderful hotel on top of Boulders Beach, the famous beach where the penguins nest. 

The journey takes you along Chapman’s Peak, voted one of the world’s most scenic coastal drives. A whopping 114 curves take you along steep cliffs and along cut-outs in the rocks, with plenty of viewpoints to take in the stunning views over the ocean. If you’re lucky, you’ll even spot whales coming close to the shore.

You can do this drive with your own car or we can arrange a transfer for you. One of the most fun ways to do this transfer is by side car. This will pick you up at your hotel and take you on a scenic ride over Chapman’s Peak and past some other sights before you reach your hotel in Simonstown. Helmets and coats are provided, you only need to bring good cheer! 

A true gem on False Bay

Tintswalo at Boulders Manor is located in Cape Town’s charming suburbs of Simonstown. Surrounded by fynbos and with unobstructed views over False Bay and across Boulders Beach and its internationally famous colony of endangered African penguins, it’s truly a gem.

Upon arrival you are served a light lunch.  These days are filled with your other Marine Experiences inspired by ‘My Octopus Teacher’. First you go over the water by kayak, later you go under water to snorkel in the kelp forests where ‘My Octopus Teacher’ was shot. The last Experience takes place on the edge of land and water when visiting the penguins.

When and at what time these experiences take place will depend on how the weather and the tides are. Upon arrival, you will be informed on what day and at what time each activity will take place.  

On the water: Sea Kayaking with penguins

Usually, your first experience is today in the afternoon. You will visit the penguins in a unique way: by kayak. This guided tour is with very stable double kayaks. Paddle the waters of False Bay along the shore to the penguins at Boulders Beach. No experience is required and reasonably fit, able-bodied people can do it. You start in the harbour and will paddle out past the civilian and Naval Harbours, where you get a bonus close up view of the naval vessels and then to the penguins. On the way you often encounter a number of seals.  

You will be given a thorough safety briefing before heading out into the beautiful False Bay to view our endangered African Penguins swimming out to their fishing grounds. Shark Warrior Adventure Centre is a responsible Tourism initiative and funds generated through their guided sea kayak, stand up paddling, snorkeling and penguin walks are used to fund conservation projects.

Under water Marine Experiences inspired by ‘My Octopus Teacher’

The next Marine Experience is snorkelling in the kelp forests of False Bay. You too can adventure into the ocean where Craig Foster spent thousands of hours filming his personal encounters with an octopus. Entering this mysterious underwater world is an exhilarating experience that will leave you in sheer awe of our beautifully tranquil marine ecosystem. Snorkel in unexplored areas where fish dance in the flow of the currents in painted reefs, and swaying kelp and marine life all move at a snail’s pace. After your return you can enjoy an extensive Brunch. 

Where land and water meet

The last of the Marine Experiences inspired by ‘My Octopus Teacher’ takes place where land and water meet. You can plan this whenever you want. Walk along the beach between the penguins that have made this place home. Boulders and it’s surrounding beaches form part of the Table Mountain Marina protected area, thus ensuring the beaches are safe and clean and the penguins are protected. Summer is prime time to visit Boulders and that is when you see the most Penguin action. However, you can see Penguins throughout the year. Between September and October, they spend much time feeding out at sea so there are fewer Penguins on the beach. The birds are most active early in the morning or late afternoon. Incredible conservation eff orts have grown the colony to over 2,200 birds in recent years.

Quaint wonderful Simonstown

All Marine Experiences take about 2 hours long, so there is plenty of time left to explore the quaint and colourful centre of Simonstown. This is within walking distance. Learn about Just Nuisance, the only dog ever to have a rank in the South African Navy. As the story goes, he always accompanied the sailors to town and took care that however drunk they were, they boarded the train back safely. However, the railways did not allow stray dogs on the trains and threatened to ban him. The solution? Make him an official sailor, who were allowed to ride the trains for free. 

Other places to take in are the Naval Museum and looking out over the Naval Base. For the grown-up kids-at-heart, the Toy Museum is a must.

You can do this tour with your own transport, or we can arrange transfers for you. Choose regular or bespoke luxury transfers, or go for adventure and go by side car.

Map of the tour

map Marine-Experiences_My-Octopus-Teacher-Tales-from-Africa-Travel-unique-city-and-bush-breaks-sustainable-tourism

Bespoke private experiences

Use our unique tours and experiences as a source of inspiration for your exclusive holiday. Tell us what you like and what you don’t like in this tour, or any particular tour that speaks to you. Or let us know in general what experiences you would like to have. Based on what you tell us we’ll make a bespoke, unique tour for you. We’ll keep adjusting the itinerary, accommodations and way of travel until you have YOUR perfect holiday. Your exclusive experience of a lifetime.

This is experiential travel at its best. Nothing is set in stone, all can be combined, adjusted, changed to make your own bespoke holiday! Here are some more ideas to inspire you.

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