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How it works

If you can dream it, we can realise it. Modules make your dream come true…

Having worked for over 20 years in the travel industry we found most companies talk about themselves and what they offer – not about what you want. True, there are people listening to you, but they offer very expensive tailor-made incentives. So we got together with our partners in South Africa and decided to LISTEN. To make a company that asks what YOU want, what YOU dream about. You have dreams about Africa. We want these to come true, but without the costs involved in made-to-measure programs. We solved this by making a whole host of modules from which you can choose, add and discard – and this way YOU build YOUR dream. It’s a bit like Lego: you build your own dream from all the different building block (the modules). But it’s a bit different too: the modules are not fixed – they are flexible, they can all be customised!

That is correct, you are not stuck with fixed programs. Everyone has a different dream, so after you selected your modules, you can tell us your wishes, tell us if you want something changed. Maybe you want something longer, shorter, a bit different? Tell us. Once you are satisfied with what you want, you send it all to us. We go to work for you and use our expertise to turn your dream into reality. We customize your tour, add car hire and/or domestic flights where you want them. We also look if your modules will work together – and if not, get back to you with alternative proposals. We might suggest you add an extra transfer or an overnight to make it work. Then we send the itinerary back for you to see if it is what YOU want – if not, we keep tweaking it till you are satisfied. If so, then, and only then, you decide to book. To realize your African dream.

That is the general idea, so how does it actual work? You can realize your African Dream in four easy steps:

Step 1: search your modules by experience

The first step is to refine the search for the modules you might want. You can search them by category or on the map. To make this easier for you we have developed an new, unique concept for our search system. Unique because it is not based on hotels, meals or other less important facts, but on what is REALLY important: what do you want to experience? What do you dream about. Do you want to go for the highlights or are you dreaming about those rare, off-the-beaten-track places? Do you want to go on safari, into nature, or rather meet the South Africans? Whatever you want, you can select the category with the modules that offer the experience you want. And since nobody dreams about one thing only, you can select multiple categories and pick and choose each day what part of your dream you want to come true. You can even choose per module if you want to go comfort or if you really want to spoil yourself and treat yourself to a luxury module. Read here more about the different categories. 

Step 2: select and add to your dreams list

The second step is to select the modules you want. You can get a quick overview what a module is by selecting ‘Quick shop’, or read in detail what they are about, what you’ll experience and what you actually get: what is included and what not. To make it easy to select your next module, we have put adjoining modules you might be interested in at the bottom of each detailed description.

Do you want the described experience to be part of your custom build holiday? Add that module to the dreams list by clicking on the shopping cart icon. Then you do the same with as many, or as few, other modules as you want until you are satisfied. Don’t worry whether everything fits together or not, that is what we are for: we’ll go over your dreams list and make it fit. And remember, it is a dreams list, not a shopping cart – you are only adding your wishes and not booking anything yet!

Once you are satisfied with your selection it is time to go to step 3.

PS You can also create an account and save your shopping list. Handy if you want to continue later or if you want to discuss your dreams list first with family or friends. Your information is save with us and will not be forwarded to anyone – read our privacy statement.

Step 3: send us your dreams list

Are you happy with your choices? Go to the ‘dreams list’ and click the ‘send dreams list’ button. This will take you to a new field where you can add your wishes and customize your dream tour. Here you also tell us how you want to get around, whether you want car hire or not, domestic flights etcetera. You don’t have to fill out everything – just fill out the fields you need. If you miss something, don’t worry – we will suggest to add it. You do have to fill out some personal details like the number of persons in your party and contact details. Again, you are sending us a dreams list, you are not booking anything. Then press ‘Send’!

Having send us your dreams list, it is time to sit back and relax – but not for long! We’ll answer you within three working days.

Step 4: we realise your dream

Once we get your dreams list we go to work to make it happen. This is where we use our knowledge and expertise to turn your selected modules and wishes into a whole. We look if the combination of modules will work – if not, we get back to you with alternatives. We tweak the modules according to your wishes – remember, the modules are customizable so any changes you want, we take care of. And no, we don’t charge you extra for this – unless you want something completely different from the offered modules.

Finally we add car hire and/or domestic flights where you want them and send the itinerary back for you to see if it is what YOU want. You go over it and give us your feedback – we change and adjust where possible until you are happy. Then, and only then, you decide to book. To make your dream a reality.