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‘Here there be dragons’. Until a couple of centuries ago you’d find this written on a map of Africa. Even today, often knowledge about this last frontier is sketchy and incorrect. As a result, you might find a hesitant reaction to your dreams of Africa. This can be countered by getting the right and correct facts. Facts that answer most of the questions about experiencing Africa. Because knowledge is the key to finding the most satisfying way to realize your dreams about Africa. Knowledge that you can find if you read our free e-books.

Legends and facts

Do you want practical tips and information? On this page, we have our e-books to cover some typical topics, for instance how a safari works, practical tips for self-driving or which countries have opened up again during the Covid-pandemic. The e-books contain factual information about travelling to Africa. Information that is designed to give you the background for choosing how to travel to Africa. Do you want to fly-in or have a fully guided tour, or are you considering self-drive but are not sure what to expect? Or are you not sure which African country has opened up again with the Covid-19 pandemic and what the rules are when visiting? Are you contemplating solo-travel and not sure if it is safe? Maybe you’re interested in more than one rainbow-nation and want to know why South Africa is perfect for LGBTQ+ travel. These and more topics are covered in the free e-books that we have published underneath and that we will publish in the coming months.

If you have enough facts and want some more insight in the way people think and in our incredible cultural heritage, make sure to read the legends and stories from Africa on our tales from Africa page. Here you can read how the zebra got it’s stripes or the legend about the lion’s whiskers.

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Read our latest free e-books

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