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Flying in South Africa

South Africa is a joy to travel through, but it is vast and its highlights sometimes far apart. So if you want to get around but don’t have too much time, why not fly? That way you can easily combine the fascinating wildlife in Kruger with astounding beauty of the Drakensbergen. Or do a safari in Swaziland in the morning and have a winetasting in the Winelands in the evening. You can if you fly…

Keeping the vastness of the country in mind it is no wonder South Africa has a very well developed and very safe domestic flights network. Flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg are for instance at least every hour. Though there are some good low-budget airlines flying with lovely names like Mango and Kulula, the flights we offer are usually with South African Airlines or British Airways SA. Though slightly more expensive that price difference is no match for the reliability and the flexibility in booking conditions of your ticket. So these are the airlines of choice for us.

What makes sense to fly?

That depends on what you want to see – having stated the obvious, think about it. What DO you want to see? To make it easier we will give you some suggestions – all based on airports where you can drop-off your rental car and pick up a new one once you have arrived at your destination. We limit ourselves here to the most common connections between the north and the middle or the south – or vice versa of course. There are many other flight connections, so once you have told us which modules you want to combine, we can suggest other flights to you.

If you want to combine Kruger with the Winelands and Cape Town you can take the daily Nelspruit – Cape Town v.v. flight, or drive longer and take one of the much cheaper hourly Johannesburg – Cape Town flights. Or maybe you want to add the Garden Route first – there are several daily Johannesburg – Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg – George flights.

Staying longer you may want to combine several modules to get from Kruger to the Drakensbergen and then take one of the two daily Durban – Port Elizabeth or Durban – George flights to continue with the Garden Route, but it is up to discussion if the costs are worth saving the one or two days driving. Or you can fly straight Durban – Cape Town v.v.

How much does it cost?

Domestic flights in South Africa are like everything else in South Africa: pleasant and affordable. They reflect society so far that they are always changing as well. So we can only give you a rough indication, based on current prices and exchange rates of the Rand against the Dollar. Airlines need to buy a lot of fuel and parts abroad, so that exchange rate has a larger impact on flight prices than on more mundane things. All prices given here are for one way tickets and include all airport- and other taxes.

Flight price per person (one way)
US $ UK £
Johannesburg – Cape Town  or v.v. 215 130
Nelspruit (Kruger) – Cape Town or v.v. 335 200
Johannesburg – Port Elizabeth or v.v. 220 135
Johannesburg – George or v.v. 220 135
Durban – Port Elizabeth or v.v. 215 130
Durban – George or v.v. 290 175
Durban – Cape Town or v.v. 185 115