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City and Bush Breaks by Tales from Africa Travel

City and Bush Breaks

Looking for short City and Bush breaks? A break with something different for a weekend or a week? Whether you’re a local or international traveler, escape your daily routine and feel the vibe of the city – or the tranquility of the bush.

Need a break?

Everybody needs a short break away from daily life now and then. Whether it’s for a long weekend, mid-week or even a week, the perfect break should do more than take you away from your daily life. It’s not just about relaxing, it is about feeding and freeing your soul. Our City and Bush Breaks are carefully crafted to combine relaxation with a bit of a challenge to your mind or your body. Challenge yourself to do something different than other people, see more than the usual highlights. Discover our country in a new way. Challenge yourself to not just visit a game reserve, but to actually help in conserving it.

Do this and you’ll not only get away from your daily routine, more than that, you’ll start seeing the world in a fresh, different way. There’s no better way to relax your body, your mind, your soul! Yes, it can be a bit of a challenge. The question is, are you up for it?

City breaks: feel the vibe of the city

Our City Breaks are for those who love city life. Who love the culture, love to discover what makes the people and the city tick. When visiting a town, do you want to escape the feeling you are stuck in a rut? Want to get away from the well-known tourist tracks, want to explore what lies behind? Then our City Breaks are ideal for you.

See the other side of the winelands: go craft beer tasting in the ultimate wine country. Let yourself be driven to the countries’ only Carbon Neutral brewery in Darling – the town name says it all. Enjoy the luxurious stay in the heart of Stellenbosch and discover the town through its food. And look for – and find! – the Khoisan heritage close to Cape Town.  

Or escape the town centre and go marine: explore the waters surrounding Cape Town. Have a dinner in Chef’s Warehouse by the sea, kayak with penguins and snorkel in the kelp forests made famous by ‘My Octopus Teacher’.

Do you prefer both city and bush? Discover in the City of Gold the guesthouse where Ghandi lived and go back to the dawn of mankind in the Cradle of Humankind. Cycle through Soweto and enjoy the heartwarming welcome you’ll receive. Then leave the city behind and enter the world of exclusive safaris. In South Africa’s best-kept secret, Big Five Madikwe Game Reserve, crowds and traffic jams simply do not exist.

Bush Breaks: immerse in the tranquility of the bush

If you love the tranquility ánd the excitement of the bush, our Bush Breaks are for you. A Bush Break is not just any safari, it’s an exclusive, bespoke experience where you leave more behind than your footsteps. On a conservation safari you enjoy your game drives, but you are in the bush with a purpose. Whether it’s telemetry tracking to check on the health of the cheetah’s or emptying the camera traps that record the most elusive animals. Join the ultimate safari experience, the Rhino Conservation Experience, where you’re literally hands-on involved with the conservation of this iconic animal. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience – talk about food for your soul!  

Enjoy experiential travel at its best. Here are some ideas and example tours to inspire you. Nothing is set in stone, all can be combined, adjusted, changed to make your own bespoke holiday!