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You cherish of the beaten track experiences at Tales from Africa Travel

You cherish true off the beaten track experiences

Cherish true off the beaten track experiences. Your dream is filled with images of unfrequented, isolated, quiet, private, remote, secluded, and hidden places. Luxurious or roughing it. We believe in taking you to undiscovered, amazingly beautiful destinations which deserve a visit.

Get lost with us

Iconic places like Kruger, Table Mountain, Victoria Falls and the Masai Mara have a huge part in making Southern Africa remarkable. And they are busy.

This is not your idea of an African safari.

Imagine travelling for days without encountering crowds, places where no more than a dozen guests are.

Then imagine driving endless empty roads, crossing wild rivers and conquering high mountain ranges.

Or imagine being alone with a pride of lions – just you and your guide.

Imagine traversing the empty Namib desert and sleeping in an isolated lodge where there is nothing between you and the horizon.

And imagine crossing a dry volcanic landscape until you reach a jade-coloured lake where only fishermen live.

Imagine a place where the only lights at night are the millions of stars of the Milky Way.

Now imagine yourself in these places.

You can! At Tales from Africa Travel, we believe in not just taking you to the normal places, but seeing undiscovered, amazingly beautiful destinations which deserve a visit.

Track the Big Five on foot from a simple but comfortable bush camp in Zambia’s South Luangwa wilderness.

See one of Africa’s stunning sunsets from a luxurious lodge in the Namibian desert.

Discover a lonely mission in the Northern Cape or remote Lake Turkana at the farthest edge of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley.

Go on safari in unknown game reserves in Rwanda.

Witness the largest mammal migration on Earth with over 10 million fruit bats in Zambia’s Katanka reserve.

Enjoy endless hospitality in small villages in remote Limpopo, the mountains of Lesotho or the coastline of Mozambique.

Discover old African hidden treasures like Lamu, Ilha does Mozambique or Mapungubwe.

Come travel with us and cherish true off the beaten track experiences. Wherever you go, Africa will capture your heart with a simple sunrise and a beautiful smile. It is a continent of incredible wildlife, warm people and natural beauty.

Here are some ideas and example tours to inspire you to get lost with us.

This is experiential travel at its best. Nothing is set in stone, all can be combined, adjusted, changed to make your own bespoke holiday!