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Chauffeur driven


Do you want to have the freedom to go where and when you want, but avoid a self-drive tour? How about having your own car and not having to share that with anyone else? Realize  your African Dream just the way you want it – without the hassle of having to drive yourself? You can: go chauffeur-driven. Having your own driver/guide is surprisingly affordable in South Africa. If you choose for this you get a comfortable car or minibus exclusively for your own party. You’ll be driven around by an English speaking driver/guide who will take you to all the best places. Better still, he’ll also show you places not on any tourist itinerary but only known to locals.

Prices vary according to type of car, where and how long you travel and whether you end up at the same place as you start or not. Having said that, an average indication is around 150 UK £ or 245 US$ per day – per party, not per person. This includes not only salary but also all extra costs (driver/guides’ overnights, entrance fees, meals etc.) , only excluding tips. Send us the modules for your dream tour and we’ll give you an exact quote – all extra costs included so without nasty surprises after you book.