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What are the categories

We have divided all our modules into categories, not based on what you physically get, but based on what you’ll experience. Some modules belong to only one category, but most belong to more than one and can be found by selecting any of these. For instance, ‘Swaziland one night’ is only in ‘Discover the Country’, whilst ‘Swaziland Royal Reserves’ can be found by selecting either ‘Untrodden Paths’, ‘Into nature’ and/or ‘Go Active’. You can select one, two or more different categories: all modules that belong to any of the selected categories will show up once.
There are two ways to go about making your selection. First of all you can go the ‘Dream by category’ page, which offers the most options for refining your selection. You select in the left column and all corresponding modules show up in the middle section.

Or you can go to the ‘Dream on the map’ page where you can use the ‘Categories’ button to select your categories and (obviously) see them on a map, but with no further refinement possibilities. The actual modules are the same so use whichever you prefer.

Adults or Family

First of all you choose whether you want Adults or Family (so with kids) modules. The main difference is that the Adult modules are based around double/twin rooms and the Family modules are based on Family units with 4 beds (this can of course be adjusted to your wishes and family composition). Also some activities are different, but the overall experience is often the same.

1 parent – 1 child twin none none
2 parents – 1 child double/twin with extra bed in the room 50 % none (extra room needed)
1 parent – 2 children double/twin with extra bed in the room first child none – second child 50 % first child none – second child 50 %
2 parents – 2 children family rooms and -units as per the green columns above. Sometimes two rooms 40% per child on request
1 parent – 3 children family rooms and -units as per the green columns above. Sometimes two rooms first child full price – two other children 40% on request
families of five or more on request on request on request

Comfort or luxury?

The above choice between Where Adults or Family is the only choice based on the persons you travel with. All other categories are based on a different choice: what would you like to experience? This is also true for the choice between ‘comfort’ and ‘luxury’. We realize your overnights are part of your holiday fun, so we don’t offer you any low-budget accommodation. Why not? With low-budget the price of the accommodation becomes more important than the memories you take home from staying there. There are plenty of a hotel-booking sites around for you to go low-budget – if that is indeed your preference. If it isn’t, we won’t give you any old hotel, but a memorable experience that adds value to your holiday. Usually with a swimming pool, Wi-Fi and a bar. So you can have a cold beer when you arrive without having to worry about driving afterwards. And yes, that is our ‘comfort’ option, equivalent to good 2-3 star accommodation in Europe or the USA. Or you can upgrade to a luxury accommodation where you will be pampered to perfection – equivalent to 4-5 star in Europe or the States.

With each module you’ll find a short description what type of accommodation it is based upon. Where possible with photos and some details. So you’ll know what type of experience you can get. Most of these are small-scale accommodations with limited availability, so if it is full when you book, we will offer you a comparable alternative. But always based on the premise that even your overnight should add to your daytime experience.

Discover the country

We could have named this category ‘highlights’, but we haven’t. For a good reason: we offer you more than just the highlights, we want you to really experience South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho, not just visit it. So we’ve added a twist to most modules. As an example, we do bring you to Kruger – but we use a private game reserve so you get the experience but not the masses. And we don’t offer only game drives, but take you on a game walk with a ranger as well – believe us, a completely different experience! So some twists are like this, some are a bit weird and wacky, some are touching – but always with the aim to let you get to know the country better. To go beyond just the highlights and to really discover the country.

Untrodden paths

If you’d rather go on untrodden paths, so off the beaten track, this is the category for you. These modules will still take you to all the beautiful and interesting spots in South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho,  but on roads less traveled. Some are well-known places like Kruger, but you go to the unvisited northern part. Or the Kgaligadi N.P., home of the Kalahari lions.

Others are unknown places like Mountain Zebra N.P. – where you find Mountain Zebra’s but also Cheetahs – or Nelson Mandela’s birthplace. Or do you want to go literally off the road and choose a pony-trek in Lesotho?

Into nature

South Africa is world famous for its wildlife. As Swaziland should be. But these are more, much more than a safari destination – there are hundreds of protected areas vying for your attention as a nature lover. Within this category you’ll find them all, whether it is indeed a game reserve or whether you want to see whales along the coast or the spectacular plant life of the ‘fynbos’ or at Cape of Good Hope. And what would nature be without landscape – try the spectacular vistas of Lesotho and the Drakensbergen or the emptiness of the Kalahari and the Karoo!

Meet the South Africans

Eleven official languages, many more tribal groups and a very diverse population – no wonder it is called the Rainbow Nation. South Africa is an exciting bland of cultures and Swaziland and Lesotho have their own traditions and history. Warm smiles, a welcoming attitude and the fact English is spoken everywhere make all meetings with South Africans an experience to be treasured. And by selecting this category you’ll find the modules that incorporate these meetings.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism means making sure not only you, but your children too can visit South Africa in the future. We from Live2Roam-Africa believe in our commitment to make our tours as sustainable as we can. Not ‘greening’, but real sustainability for the planet – ánd the people ánd local profit. If you want to experience firsthand what this means, select this category and find the modules that are aimed at responsible tourism. Whether it is visiting community projects in Soweto or visiting a local village in Swaziland, you will combine a wonderful time with benefits for the local community.

Go active

South Africa’s landscape is more than just good for the outdoors, it is fabulous! No wonder we have included many outdoor activities in our modules. None are very strenuous – they are not for sportsmen but for everyone with a reasonable condition. Made to simply enjoy and see the country in a different way. An active way. Would you like a walk with rangers,  discovering the Drakensbergen on foot or making a mountain bike tour in Swaziland’s Hlane reserve? We have that and much more.