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Can you trust us?

Indeed, can you trust us? In today’s world of quick profits, scams and internet crime this is an important, if not the most important, question. We like to think the answer is in asking the question – we would hardly ask this if we were not trustworthy. But you are here because you want to realise your African dream – and neither you nor we want to take risks with that. Your dream, any dream, is far too precious for that. So indeed, can you trust us?

Can you trust us with your money?

Live2Roam-Africa is a joint venture with a well-established, large tour operator in the wonderful seaside village of Hout Bay, Cape Town. We draw on their extensive network and very competitive rates – making sure you get to see and experience the best southern Africa has to offer. This backing also means that your money does not stay in just any general bank account, but goes into a separate company account. So it would only be lost if they were to go broke. Yes, that can always happen, but is very unlikely – they have been going strong for over 20 years now. And they are SATSA bonded – the Southern Africa Tourism Services Association.

Can you trust our prices?

We are proud of our fixed-price policy: you pay the price that is published on the date of your booking. We have no hidden charges or fees. That is correct. We don’t add extra costs, handling fees, surcharges etcetera to our prices. We offer you a total price that is simply the sum of the modules and parts that make up your African dream. Look around and you will find that is rare indeed. So no nasty surprises after you book!

Also, if you want something changed in one of our modules we take care of that without asking you for a fee for doing so. In case of an upgrade we will do our best to minimize the extra costs – and if your change makes it cheaper you benefit directly and get a lower price.

Finally, since we are a joint venture, you basically book direct with the people that organize your tour, not an intermediary or travel agency. So you don’t pay for the substantial amount that normally goes into commission to intermediaries, but for your own holiday.

Can you trust us to go the extra mile?

Yes. We go the extra mile. We focus on providing great service with individual attention to detail. We aim to make your holiday, your break-away or your retreat from “real life” an experience that meets and even beats all your expectations!

Can you trust our information?

We are honest. We don’t beat about the bush with our information. What you see is what you get. If something is good we will tell you. And if something isn’t, we will tell you too. We might still offer it because there is no other option in that place, and the place is too special to miss.

If we have to offer you an alternative to the accommodation we describe we will do our utmost to offer you the same quality. If it isn’t, we will tell you before you finalize your booking, not after. Of course we have to exclude unforeseen circumstances in this promise – remember, it ís Africa and often unforeseen things happen, even though we dislike that as much as you.

Can you verify us?

We are on social media, the best watch dog the world probably has ever known. If we do something wrong you will tell your friend and they will tell theirs. In all honesty: we can’t afford that to happen, we would be out of business immediately. So by all means, check us out!