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You Crave 4X4 Camper Tours Experience the wild bush in your 4x4 home on wheels. Go where others can’t go. Relish 4x4 camper tours in the full-service or self-organised, camper-only option. Explore 4x4 campers this way.

You relish 4X4 Camper Tours

Experience the wild bush in your 4×4 home on wheels. Go where others can’t go. Relish 4×4 camper tours in the full-service or self-organised, camper-only option. Explore

4×4 Campers this way

Do you want to go where others can’t go? Do you want to have the road trip of your life?

Are you ready for the roughest roads, the hardest terrain and to experience the sounds and feelings of the African bush and desert head-on?

Then this is the experience for you. Go where civilization ends, where the tar roads stop and explore Africa your way.

Go where others can’t go. Drive the sandy tracks and rocky mountain roads in Namibia or navigate tire-track roads that take you to the wild heart of the game reserves in Botswana.

Drive 4×4 tracks to remote villages and through nature reserves in South Africa.

Fully equipped campers

Having the proper equipment is key to enjoy the wild side. You don’t get old or damaged campers, no, you’ll drive a young, exceptionally well equipped 4×4 camper with one or two rooftop tents, so you sleep in the wild under the most beautiful starry skies – but out of reach of creepy crawlers.

Matrasses, bedding and electric lights are standard. Each camper has a fully equipped kitchen complete with cups, plates, cutlery, gas cooker, camping chairs and table, a full braai set (BBQ) and a large fridge/freezer for several days’ worth of provisions. And for that cold beer at the end of the day.

The large water tank allows you to camp in the wild for several days and the extra-large diesel tank ensures you’re not stuck there. You also get metal plates and shovels to use for the roughest roads.

Choose 4×4 camper only or full-service

We can only book your camper to go full-service – we then book your campsites, excursions etc. too. We’ll inter space the remotest camping places with regular use of the best campsites, often with swimming pool and restaurant.

For more comfort, you can upgrade to the mixed camping/lodge option, where you have a room in a lodge every 4 or 5 days. Have a proper shower, have your clothes washed, skip self-cooking for a day and use the Wi-Fi to update everyone at home how your adventure is going.

Do you relish 4×4 camper tours, but are feeling nervous about driving a 4×4 camper? We can add a 4×4 driving course at the beginning of your tour. You’ll learn in a full day from professional drivers how to handle your 4×4 in every terrain.

Do you love this idea, but are not quite willing to this all by yourself? Join our guided road trips. You drive your own car, so you’ll have the freedom at day to go your own way. In the evening you meet up with the other travellers in their campers at the campsite.

You’ll not only enjoy the comfort of meeting like-minded people, but there is also a professional guide in his own vehicle to give you tips for each day’s driving. And to help you through the hardest places and make your life easier.

A great way to go where others don’t go!

This is experiential travel at its best. Here are some ideas to inspire you. Nothing is set in stone, all can be combined, adjusted, changed to make your own bespoke holiday!