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10 golden rules

Now you have read the general information about how safe it is in South Africa, time to get practical – what does ‘act like in other major cities’ mean? Here are our 10 Golden Rules, put together so you can enjoy your African Dream holiday to the fullest. Not yet read the general info? Click here.


In populated areas keep your valuables and papers in the hotel safe, don’t walk around with your camera around your neck and don’t wear expensive jewelry. When going out take a copy of your passport and not the original with you. Only take what money you need for the day and keep the rest in the safe. Keep small change in your pocket for payments so you don’t need to flash large bills.


Don’t wear a money pouch or bum bag over your cloths. Pickpockets love these – all your valuables are in one place and easy to grab.


As back-up keep a note with the emergency number of your insurance and important details of your passport, flights, credit card emergency number etc. separately in your main luggage. Report stolen or missing cards or documents immediately.


ATM’s are plenty around, but some are tampered with – just like everywhere else in the world. Be careful to conceal your PIN number when entering it. Don’t use an ATM where you don’t trust the machine or the people around it and keep you receipts until after you return home.


Walking after dark is not done, except in some tourist areas like V&A waterfront. So do like most South Africans do: always take a car or taxi.


Follow locals’ advice on areas to avoid – ask the hotel receptionists or your guide.


If you are self-driving or in a rental car, when stopping or parking always put your valuables out of sight, either under a seat or in the booth. Your valuables include camera and binoculars, but also Satnav, PlayStations etc. Try to park where there are attendants (virtually everywhere), always lock your car and don’t forget to tip them 5 to 10 Rand when you leave.


If somebody you don’t know comes up to your car, keep windows closed and doors locked. Talk through a small slit if needed and wait until police officers or similar identify themselves before opening more.


Don’t drive after dark – if you have to, watch out for unlit donkey carts, cyclists, pedestrians and animals on the road. If you have to stop at a deserted intersection and you see people approaching, drive away through the red light.


Don’t take hitch-hikers unless asked for by someone you trust. Apart from the risk, your car insurance does not cover it since it is often considered a commercial activity – locals are used to being paid for a ride. So you could be sued by your hitch-hiker for huge amounts in case of an accident.


Yes, of course there is a number eleven. You get our 24 hour emergency number after you book. Don’t hesitate to use that if necessary. Other than that, realize your African Dream and have a wonderful time in our stunningly beautiful country!