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Real sustainable tourism in Africa

We believe in Real sustainable tourism in Africa. We believe that tourism should leave more than footprints, should help nature, should help the people who live there. That tourism should inspire, teach and let visitors experience what Africa is really like. Not touristic Africa, but the real undiscovered continent that is Africa. Real sustainable tourism, organised by Real people. Offering you Real experiences.

Our Africa is the Africa of endless horizons, stunning landscapes and the richest wildlife ecosystems on Earth. It’s where we dream of the last frontier, of unique places and remote regions where only a lucky few dare to thread.

This is also the Africa of wildly different people, people who will receive you with open arms in their homes, their villages and towns and who will share their lifestyle with you. The Africa where tourists help maintain the environment, help locals grow and develop and are welcomed as honored guests, not as money-machines. It’s the Africa where your visit impacts the environment in a positive way and helps maintain it for future generations. This is real sustainable tourism, this is Tales from Africa Travel, this is all about you and what you want.

Ribbon with logo's from sustainable tourism partners for Tales from Africa Travel. real sustainable tourism in Africa

Your booking is safe during Covid-19

We were all dreaming about our next holiday when suddenly, without warning, the world changed. We understand the uncertainty that the Covid-19 pandemic brings and work with you, our guest, to make your holiday happen. In a safe and controlled way, without having to fork out money long in advance and not knowing whether you will get a refund if the situation worsens.

How we envision you can book right now without financial risks:

  • no deposits
  • No penalties for Covid-19 related cancellations
  • Where the above is not possible, you need to accord any changes in deposit or conditions before booking
  • Payment only 2 weeks before the start of your tour
  • Choose free rebooking or a refund if travel is not possible

Feel safe while you travel:

  • All our staff is fully vaccinated
  • We employ vaccinated drivers/guides
  • Our itineraries minimise the risks of catching Covid-19 by going to exclusive, small and remote lodges
  • We have the Safe Travels compliance with Covid-19 industry protocols certificate
  • And we only book places that have the strict Covid-19 regulations / protocols in place
  • Where necessary, we book your African PCR-tests, where possible in your lodge
  • If something happens, health care in private hospitals is excellent
  • Almost all African countries are open for travel. Read our e-book ‘Which African countries are open for travel‘ for the details.

For 2021, we can do last-minute bookings.

For 2022 and even 2023, many places are quickly filling up. Don’t wait, book now to avoid disappointment.

Know what you want?

Find Inspiration for your Own Tour

These example tours are here to inspire you, they are not fixed (except for the rail tours). We organize for you a bespoke individual holiday, so you can combine, change, adjust, upgrade or simplify and ask for anything else until it’s your perfect holiday. Just tell us your dream, how long you want to travel and any budget limits. We will make it happen!

Want some inspiration first?

Find your real sustainable tourism in Africa Experience

We believe is that what you see, what you hear, what you touch and what you smell is what makes your African holiday a dream come true – not how your hotel looks. In other words, we are not a hotel booking site but a site where you choose your own, unique experience.

Some experiences are very luxurious, like our train tours, gorgeous lodges or lavish wellness retreats. With other experiences the luxury is all about having an unique encounter, sleeping out under an incredible canopy of stars or going deep into the African bush and dessert.

Isn’t it time to step away from the masses and trod the untrodden paths? We offer real, sustainable and bespoke experiences in Africa.

At Tales from Africa Travel. we offer real experiences. Meet our locals.
You want to Meet our Locals

At Tales from Africa Travel, we know you want to meet our locals. To be a guest in their unique communities. No cultural villages but

At Tales from Africa Travel. we offer real experiences. Crave 4x4 camper tours
You Crave 4×4 Camper Tours

Experience the wild bush in your 4×4 home on wheels. Go where others can’t go. Relish in the full-service (we book all) or car-only option. Explore

At Tales from Africa Travel. we offer real experiences. You are crazy about cycling.
You are Crazy about Cycling

Your heart beats to the rhythm of your wheels. Any ride you fancy from wild mountain bike adventures to luxury gourmet road cycling tours.

small group tours Tales from Africa Travel Southern Africa
Small group tours

No cars available at the rental company? Looking for others to share the costs? Then join a small group tour. 4 – 8 persons max, comfortable minivans or minibus, transport and accommodation included.

At Tales from Africa Travel. we offer real experiences. Cherish of the beaten track.
You Cherish Off the Beaten Track

Your dream is filled with images of unfrequented, quiet, remote, secluded, and hidden places. Luxurious or roughing it. You want to

At Tales from Africa Travel. we offer real experiences. You want the romance of rail
You want the Romance of Rail

You are fascinated by the old-world charm of a Rail experience. Love romance. Go on safari from the train, relive the glory days of railroad travel and have a

At Tales from Africa Travel. we offer real experiences. The freedom of the open road motorbike tours.
The Freedom of the Open Road

You are an avid motorbike rider and are looking for the ride of your life. Combine Safari with the greatest rides in Africa, on gravel or on tar.

Looking for a short break? Whether local or international, escape your daily routine with a City and Bush Break from Tales from Africa Travel.
City and Bush Breaks

Looking for a short break? A break with something different? Whether a local or international traveler, escape your daily routine and feel the vibe of the city – or the tranquility of the bush.

At Tales from Africa Travel. we offer real experiences. Choose to travel consciously.
You Choose to Travel Consciously

Truly responsible tourism is more than ecotourism: immerse yourself in local cultures and make sure that the local people profit.

At Tales from Africa Travel. we offer real experiences. Your boots are made for walking.
Your Boots are Made for Walking

You love the exhilaration of walking. Ramble through stunning mountain ranges or go on an exciting walking safari with an armed guide.

At Tales from Africa Travel. we offer real experiences. You long to be pampered wellness tours.
You Long to be Pampered

You work hard and believe in the harmony of mind, body and soul. You dream of submerging body and soul in the wonder of Wellness.

Want to learn about us?

You and real sustainable tourism in Africa

You Dream of Wild and Exotic Tales from Africa
You dream of exotic Tales from Africa

Return home with your own wild and exotic Tales from Africa. REAL Experiences, REAL People, REAL Sustainable. This is what you want.

Be More than a Traveler. You want to be a Local. Tales from Africa Travel.
Be More than a Traveler, be a Local

Travel is a life-affirming experience for you. You want to have fun, immerse yourself, be fair and make a difference. You want to

Real experiences from Tales from Africa Travel. real sustainable tourism in Africa
Real Experiences

What you see, hear, touch and smell are what makes your holiday a dream come true. We offer an experience, not a hotel.

You believe in ecotourism with Tales from Africa Travel. real sustainable tourism in Africa.
You believe in Ecotourism

Do you want your children to live their African Dream too? Responsible providers, Zero Carbon Travel and respect for wildlife are standard!

Tales from Africa Travel is real sustainable tourism in Africa
Real Sustainable

You want to travel truly responsible. No greenwashing. Certified hotels and real community experiences by real local people.

Deal with real people at Tales from Africa Travel
You want to Deal with Real People

You are tired of dealing with chatbots. Being just another number. Slotting into just another tour. You want personal service and to

Our Latest Tales

You want to know about Africa, it’s history, the folklore, the interesting facts. Because you want to understand this fascinating continent. Our stories and blogs will give you an insight into the legends. Tales that tell you facts about wildlife you didn’t know. And that take you into the mind of the people that call Africa home.

Our free e-Books

‘Here there be dragons’. Until a couple of centuries ago you’d find this written on a map of Africa. Even today, often knowledge about this last frontier is sketchy and incorrect. Because knowledge is the key to finding the most satisfying way to realize your dreams about Africa, we give you our free e-books.