Have you ever dreamed about Africa?

Have you ever dreamed about Africa? Going on a safari, standing face to face with an elephant, encountering herds of buffalo and impala? Seeing a cheetah hunt? Or walking in the most beautiful landscape of the world? Feeling like you are alone on the world in the Dragon Mountains? Or of showing this all to your family?
Have you ever dreamed of discovering Mandela’s Rainbow Nation? Dance with Zulu’s, being received by the local chief in Swaziland? Visit the vibrant life in a township and see how people build a brand new world? Visit the lively cafes and bars of Cape Town or go shopping in Pretoria? Stand atop Table Mountain or relive Apartheid in a cellblock of Robben Island? Enjoy a beer in a shebeen, a ‘braai’ (bbq) in the bush or a 5 star dinner in a luxurious restaurant? Some of the best wine of the world?

Do you want to realize that dream? Now you can. You will find here the best way to make your dream come true. Made to measure. You pick and choose what you want from our modules and add how you want to get around. This is how you build YOUR African Dream. We make sure of two things: that you get what you want. And that it is affordable!

Step 1: Search your dream

Search in our building blocks or modules how you can build and customize your holiday exactly as you want it and still keep it affordable. Our unique search system is based on what is really important: what do you want to experience? What do you dream about: highlights or off-the-beaten-track, nature or meeting the people? Or make multiple selections so you can choose each day what part of your dream you want to come true. You can search your modules by category or on the map.

Step 2: Select and add to dream list

Select the modules you want. Each module has a description what it is about, what you’ll experience and what you factually get. Do you want that experience to be part of your custom build holiday? Add the module to the dreams list. Repeat this for as many other modules as you want. You can also add how you want to get around – self-drive or chauffeur driven, maybe a domestic flight? Note that it is a dreams list, not a shopping cart – you are only adding your wishes, not booking anything yet.

Step 3: Send your dream list to us

If you are you happy with your choices, go to the ‘dreams list’ and click the ‘Send’ button. This will take you to a new field where you can add your wishes and customize your dream tour. Don’t worry whether everything fits together or not, that is what we are for: we’ll go over your dreams list and make it fit. So press ‘Send’, sit back and relax – but not for long! We’ll answer you within three working days – and often quicker.

Step 4: We make it work

We use our knowledge and expertise to turn your selected modules and wishes into a whole. We tweak the modules and where necessary offer you alternatives. Then we add car hire and/or domestic flights where you want or need them. We send it back to you, you go over it and give us your feedback – we’ll change and adjust until you are happy. Then, and only then, you decide to book. To turn your African dream into reality. And our service doesn’t end there: during your holiday we are there too – 24/7!